Interlinear Glossary of a Myth

Listen to the first part of the myth and follow along below.


Ka-lhyais r’i chyäln-aend s’u ka-dirr-sae naw nisisit’u-l o ka-nilst fiz ‘az-äch
pres-say indef person-3p.hum.erg rel pres-pass-create all chief-3p.sp.abs and pres-be 3p.abs man-3p.abs
They say village chiefs are born human

il ka-skoskäskä da ka-kild do’ar’in dar’-failh-ïz r’i t’uskyu-k s’u.
but pres-become.spiritual if pres-save 3p.sp.erg 3p.sp.poss-village-3s.nh.abs indef great.feat-3s.nh.inst rel
but they gain their divinity when they save their village by a great feat.

Ka-nilst do-lhysaisai-z r’i skyu-z.
pres-be this-story-3s.nh.abs indef feat-3s.sp.abs
This story is one such feat.  

Xa-dirr-lhyais do do-‘iz Chilst r’i failh-ïz such’isk r’i kogg-onh.
past-pass-say this this-3s.nh.abs past-exist indef village-3s.nh.abs bottom indef mountain-3s.el.loc
This was said thusly: There rested a village at the base of a mountain.  

Xa-nilst lhyaskalnh za-idi-z za-failh-onh il xa-dirr-sisisilhsilh3 za-failh-ïz
past-exist dry def-place-3s.el.abs def-village-3s.nh.loc but past-pass-cause.become.alive def-village-3s.nh.abs
The terrain around the village was dry, but the village was sustained

 r’i tinh-ük s’u xa-skoskae iz sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh s’u.
indef river-3s.el.inst rel def-mountain-3s.el.loc rel
by a rich river that ran down from the mountain.

 Xa-nilst za-tinh-ïz za-failh schyo-lais’chil-ïz ailt xa-kyaesti za-tinh-ïz
past-be def-river-3s.el.abs def-village 3s.nh.poss-nourishment-3s.nh.abs until past-begin def-river-3s.el.abs
The river was the village’s lifeblood until one day it began

ka-lhyask iz ailt xa-skulnaw r’i lhawrrlhaw4-ïz.
pres-to.dry until past-remain indef small.trickle-3s.el.abs
to dry up until only a small trickle remained.

Xa-nilst sch’ai za-nisisit’u-z ka-kyawlt’ ar’in za-rülhi na-kyaestichil-ïz
past-be curious def-chief-3s.sp.abs pres-know def-drought 3s.el.poss-source-3s.nh.abs
Curious to know the cause of the drought,

taes xa-kyült za-nisisit’u-’ar’ za-kogg-ïz
therefore past-climb def-chief-3s.sp.erg def-mountain-3s.el.abs
the village chief climbed the mountain

 ka-kyaelh ar’in za-tinh na-kyaestichil-ïz.
pres-discover def-river 3s.el.poss-source-3s.nh.abs
to find the river’s source.

Xa-kyaelh za-nisisit’u-’ar’ za-tinh na-kyaestichil-ïz xa-dirr-filch r’i chilhyus’-ük
past-discover def-chief-3s.sp.erg def-river 3s.el.poss-source-3s.nh.abs past-pass-make indef water.elem-3s.el.inst
sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh. def-mountain-3s.el.loc
At the mountain’s peak the chief discovered the river was made by a water elemental living there.

Xa-kyaelh za-nisisit’u-’ar’ xa-dirr-sae za-rülhi-z r’i ‘ilhyus’-ük
past-discover def-chief-3s.sp.erg past-pass-create def-drought-3s.el.abs  indef earth.elem-3s.el.inst
s’u xa-ska-ggaggalh iz sut’ilch za-tinh-onh s’u.
rel past-reflex-put inside def-river-3s.el.loc rel
The chief discovered the source of the drought was an earth elemental who had settled on the river.

Xa-chyaes’-aelnh ar’in za-tinh-ïz o xa-sae ar’in r’i t’osto-z.
past-stop-perf def-river-3s.el.abs and past-create indef big.lake-3s.el.abs
It had stopped the river and created a large lake.

Xa-chyalchdof za-nisisit’u-’ar’ schyo ar’-lhyasto-z schyo za-lhyus’-ov
past-tell def-chief-3s.sp.erg about 3s.sp.poss-problem-3s.nh.abs about def-element-3p.el.dat
il xa-qil fiz “nilt.’
but past-speak no
The chief explained his problem to the elementals but they said “no.’

Xa-s’Ã¤zi za-chilhyus’-na za-sto-z o xa-kyawlt’ iz
past-love def-water.elem-3s.el.erg def-lake-3s.el.abs and past-know
The water elemental loved the new lake and knew

s’u r’ix stï-ka-nald nalin za-sto-z da ka-dan-lhaw za-tinh-ïz s’u.
rel neg ptnl-pres-maintain def-lake-3s.el.abs if pres-prog-flow def-river-3s.el.abs rel
it could not sustain the lake while the river flowed.

R’ix chilt r’i chilaw-ïz s’u xa-skoskae iz za-’ilhyus’-olh s’u
neg past-exist indef home-3s.nh.abs rel def-earth.elem-3s.el.dat rel
o xa-s’Ã¤zi nalin na-silh-ïz sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh.
and past-love 3s.el.poss-live-3s.nh.abs def-mountain-3s.el.loc
The earth elemental had no other home to go to and loved its life on the mountain peak.

Xa-kyut’ za-nisisit’u-’ar’ ar’-failh-ïz za-chilhyus’-olh stï-ka-chyäv
past-offer def-chief-3s.sp.erg 3s.sp.poss-help-3s.nh.abs def-water.elem-3s.el.dat ptnl-pres-find
ar’in r’i idik chilhyus’-ïz za-chilhyus’-olh indef other water.elem-3s.el.abs def-water.elem.3s.el.dat
The chief offered to his help to find the water elemental a companion

o xa-kyut’ za-nisisit’u-’ar’ na-failh-ïz za-’ilhyus’-olh stï-ka-chyäv ar’in
and past-offer def-chief-3s.sp.erg 3s.sp.poss-help-3s.nh.abs def-earth.elem-3s.el.dat ptnl-pres-find
r’i idik chilaw-z za-’ilhyus’-olh.
indef other home-3s.nh.abs def-earth.elem.3s.el.dat
and the earth elemental a new home.

Xa-dawlho za-lhyus’-dona za-nisisit’u ar’-kyut’chil-ïz.
past-accept def-elemental-3p.el.erg def-chief 3s-sp.poss-offer-3s.nh.abs
They both accepted the chief’s offer.              

Taes xïkya za-nisisit’u-z ka-kild ar’in ar’-failh-ïz.
so past.go def-chief-3s.sp.abs pres-save 3s.sp.poss-village-3s.nh.abs
So the chief set off to save his village.  

Xa-äqchyäv ar’in r’i chyaskyo-z s’u xa-dirr-silh r’i chilhyus’-ïz s’u.
past.quickly.find indef shore-3s.el.abs rel past-pass-live indef water.elem-3s.el.abs rel
He soon found a beach where a water elemental lived.

Xa-chyalchdof za-nisisit’u-’ar’ schyo ar’-lhyasto-z schyo za-chilhyus’-olh
past-tell def-chief-3s.sp.erg about about def-water.elem-3s.el.dat
The chief explained his plight to the water elemental

il r’ix xa-stichyo iz chyolhyud xa-s’Ã¤zi nalin za-chyaskyo-z.
but neg past-agree because past-love def-shore-3s.el.abs
but it refused for it loved the beach.

Xa-qil iz za-nisisit’u-lh “r’ix ka-s’Ã¤zi r’i ‘ilhyus’-na ka-silh iz
past-speak def-chief-3s-sp.dat neg pres-want indef earth.elem-3s.el.erg pres-live
sur’ailt za-ni’-onh’. def-ocean-3s.el.loc
It said to the chief, “an earth elemental would not want to live next to the ocean’.

Taes  xïkya za-nisisit’u-z o xa-sit’u iz ailt xa-chyäv ar’in r’i kyaeschyai-z
so past.go def-chief-3s.sp.abs and past-walk until past-find indef marsh-3s.el.abs
s’u xa-dirr-silh r’i chilhyus’-ïz s’u.
rel past-pass-live indef water.elem-3s.el.abs rel
So the chief left and walked until he found a marsh where a water elemantal lived.

Xa-chyalchdof za-nisisit’u-’ar’ schyo ar’-lhyasto-z schyo za-chilhyus’-lh il r’ix
past-tell def-chief-3s.sp.erg about about def-water.elem-3s.el.dat but neg
xa-stichyo iz chyolhyud xa-s’Ã¤zi nalin za-kyaeschyai-z.
past-agree because past-love def-marsh-3s.el.abs
He explained his plight to the water elemental but it refused for it loved the marsh.

Xa-qil iz za-nisisit’u-lh “r’ix ka-s’Ã¤zi r’i ‘ilhyus’-na ka-silh
past-speak def-chief-3s.sp.dat neg pres-want indef earth.elem-3s.el.erg pres-live

iz r’i kyaeschyai-nh’. indef marsh-3s.el.loc
It said to the chief an earth elemental would not like to live in a marsh.

Taes xïkya za-nisisit’u-z o xa-fad-stälnaw iz chyaik.
so past.go def-chief-3s.sp.abs and past-antipass-explore away
So the chief left and wandered far.  

Lhyaistfa’uk xa-kyaev iz r’i kogg-olh s’u chilt s’ik ar’-chilaw-z s’u.
eventually past-arrive indef mountain-3s.el.loc rel past.exist resemble 3s.sp.poss-home-3s.nh.abs rel
Eventually, he came to a mountain similar to his own.

Chilt r’i lhyaskalnh idi-z s’u xa-dirr-kyokyokyo iz r’i tinh-ük.
past.exist indef dried.up land-3s.el.abs rel past-pass-become.healthy indef river-3s.el.inst
There was a dry terrain made fertile by a river.  

Xa-fad-kyült za-nisisit’u-z sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh o xa-kyaelh ar’in
past-antipass-climb def-chief-3s.sp.abs def-mountain-3s.el.loc and past-discover
r’i chilhyus’-ïz.
indef water.elem-3s.el.abs
The chief climbed to the peak and he found a water elemental.

Xa-chyalchdof za-nisisit’u-’ar’ schyo ar’-lhyasto-z schyo za-chilhyus’-olh
past-tell def-chief-3s.sp.erg about about def-water.elem-3s.el.dat
He explained his plight to the water elemental

o xa-stichyo iz a iz za-nisisit’u ar’-kogg-onh
and past-agree pres.go def-chief 3s.sp.poss-mountain-3s.el.loc
and it agreed to come to his mountain

o ka-kyülch nalin iz na-chilaw-z za-’ilhyus’-olh.
and pres-give 3s.el.poss-home-3s.nh.abs def-earth.elem-3s.el.dat
and give the earth elemental its home.

Xa-sisit’u za-nisisit’u-ar’ za-chilhyus’-z ar’-failh-onh o xa-fad-kyült
past-guide def-chief-3s.sp.erg def-water.elem-3s.el.abs 3s.sp.poss-village-3s.nh.loc and past-antipass-climb
fiz sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh. def-mountain-loc
The chief led the water elemental to his village and they climbed to the top of mountain.

Xa-silh za-chilhyus’-ul sur’aeggi za-kogg-onh no’idi o xa-xäxäna7 donalin
past-live def-water.elem-3p.el.abs def-mountain-3s.el.loc there and
za-sto-z o xa-lhaw za-tinh-ïz.
def-lake-3s.el.abs and past-flow def-river-3s.el.abs
There at the peak, the water elementals lived together, sustaining the lake as the river flowed.

Xïkya za-’ilhyus’-ïz idik za-kogg-onh o xa-nilst kyaelch iz.
past.go def-earth.elem.3s.el.abs other def-mountain-3s.el.loc and past-be content
The earth elemental went to the other mountian and was happy.

Xa-skyo za-nisisit’u-z ar’-failh-onh o xa-dirr-filch iz xa-nilst
past-return def-chief-3s.sp.abs 3s.sp.poss-village-3s.nh.loc and past-pass-make pres-be
r’i t’äskä8-z ar’-chyäln ch’ï-s’Ã¤zichil-üs.
indef great.spirit-3s.sp.abs 3s.sp.poss-person
The chief returned to his village and was made a great spirit by his people’s love.